Friends United

This company is a sum of it's members. The members make the company, not the other way around. Those who seek to be a member look to be better than themselves.

Break the status quo, by having creative and unique ideas. We look to change up the game drastically.

We're hiring on the next generation of programmers, designers, artists and thinkers in order to change the way that marketing takes place.

You will never see another company like this one

We put the company in the plan itself, and by doing so we built the world's preeminent compensation plan. We are part of everyone's team.

We have taken it even further than the compensation plan

Leadership pools, travel bonus to help build business owners, training bonus and the ability to earn off of everyone - not just your team.

We're mobile friendly! Take us on the go, or on a computer. The place is up to you.

Today the majority of people are always on the go, on their mobile device. Giving them the best experience on a mobile device is important to us.


Friends United Networking was started with the fundamental motivation that we were tired of the industry status quo.

After starting many network marketing projects for other companies in times past, we have come of age and know exactly how to build the perfect company which benefits everyone. We truly are thinking about every member that joins and not just ourselves. We should know, that's why we made ourselves members also.

We believe that everyone that joins this company should have an equal opportunity to make it big, whether you're at the bottom or the very top. No one should be left out, and no one should be left behind.

"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards." - Anon.

Leader Board

The hardest working people in Friends United Networking.

You would be wise to consider their advice and guidance.

1st Steve West
2nd Michael Tool
3rd Mike Thompson
4th Sherry Torres
5th Johnny Conti

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