Frequently Asked Questions

Freqently Asked Questions

How to earn all levels

You must enroll 2 business owners to earn all 20 levels. Until you meet that mark, you will earn down to 10 levels.

Can you earn without enrolling anyone?

If you only become a business owner and never enroll anyone, you can still earn 10 levels. This can be a life changing source of income.

How do I become a F-U-N Trainer?

When you have enrolled 3 or more people and taken a class from an ambassador, you are now a F-U-N Trainer. (F-U-N Trainers get a check for every 10 people they train)

How to I become a F-U-N Ambassador?

When you enroll 5 or more and have 3,000 people on your team, you become a F-U-N Ambassador. You will earn in the company pools and have a car allowance.

How do I become a F-U-N Global ambassador?

When you have enrolled 10 or more and have a team of 8,000, you are now a F-U-N global ambassador. Global ambassadors get a monthly travel bonus and four vacations a year. (You will also remain a F-U-N Ambassador and your car allowance will now be doubled.

Why have a F-U-N Trainer?

People must be trained on how to be a F-U-N business owner, and we need trainers to help with that process

How can a business owner be on my team?

We have a 2 by 20 matrix - That means 2 wide and 20 levels deep. Each person can have 2 people below them. They must go below you in the matrix.

What is enrolling by default?

You can have many people on your team without recruiting a single person and begin to earn checks from them. By recruiting, you are helping others by placing people on their teams. This is something that people will want to share and in turn, will lead to more recruits. This is enrolling by default.

What is full qualified?

When someone has sold a sim card for that month.

Is there a fee to transfer my old phone number to my new H2O® Wireless phone?

Of course not. H2O® Wireless is a no-contract GSM service with no hidden and extra fees. What you pay is what you get.

How long will it take to transfer my old phone number to my new H2O® Wireless phone?

We’ll move your number to H2O® Wireless as fast as possible. Right now, moving a wireless phone number to H2O® Wireless can take up to three days, while moving a landline number can take up to five days. The actual time to move a number relies on other factors such as your previous provider release, the demand for portability, and the accuracy of information. Once your number is ready to use on our network, we will give you a call or leave a voicemail letting you know you’re good to go. Don’t want to wait for your old number? You can always get a new H2O® Wireless number almost instantly.

I transferred airtime to my phone, but the minutes are not showing. What should l do?

Contact customer service at 1-800-643-4926 and provide your mobile number, the airtime card’s PIN and serial number.

If the FAQ did not help you, call the 1-800-643-4926 for product help BUT this number is NOT for FUN pay plans or FUN policy this phone number is to help you with the SIM CARD ONLY

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